Some are more equal, 2018

IMG_2718 www.jpg

One Pint to Line, 2018

dots for www.jpg

Dots, still taken from video, 2018

Melissa.MAHON-test group of MUGSHOTS.jpg

Test group from recent Mug Shot series 2018

cyan with fl, www.jpg

Cyanotype tracing shaodws, 2017

'17 rulers thumb.jpg

Rulers, 2017

'17 clock s'shot thumb.jpg

A still from Time; the construct, video 2017

Part of a series looking at Spaces Between, 2017

IMG_7374 www.jpg

developing cyanotypes...

Ongoing series of examining The Grid

A new body of work - Found lights, 2017

Thirteen ill-fated

Installation shot from Mounts Bay: Shipwrecks